Dog Supplies

Dopey, loveable and always happy to see you. This pretty much sums up your four-legged friend, right? We’re huge dog fans here at HiHouse, so we’ve picked the best food, treats and toys to spoil your pooch.
We appreciate the importance of keeping your canine companion well fed. That’s why we stock an impressive range of dog food from a number of leading brands, including Pedigree, Cesar, Butchers and HiLife. From tins and pouches to bags and boxes, we sell both wet and dry food for dogs of all ages, meaning you shouldn’t struggle to find the perfect meal for your pooch pal.

We also offer an array of tasty dog treats. Whether you want to reward good behaviour or simply spoil them with love, you can take your pick from a variety of delicious snacks, including dental chews, bone rolls, chewy braids and dog-friendly chocolate drops.

To help you care for your canine, we also have a range of cheap dog accessories. Our collection includes plush beds to keep your canine warm at night, as well as exciting toys to keep them entertained. We also stock a selection of practical accessories such as food bowls, placemats, collars, combs and brushes.