Cat Supplies

Cats. Controversial creatures who like to sit right where you don’t want them to. Their love may not be unconditional, but when they’re hungry or feeling playful, you will be the first to hear that meow.
Whether your feline friend is a young kitten or you’ve lost count of how many of their nine lives they’ve used up, we have food suitable for cats of all ages. We sell both wet and dry food, and you can take your pick from a variety of leading brands, including Whiskas, IAMS, Perfect Fit and HiLife.

For the times when you want to make a fuss of your kitty, we offer a broad selection of cat-approved treats. We stock a variety of tasty snacks in a plethora of flavours including chicken, cheese and salmon that will leave your cat purring for more.

To help you care for your fluffy companion, we also sell a selection of accessories. From bags of litter to food dishes, to scratch posts and toys, we have all of the essentials you will need to look after your moggie.

All of our cheap cat supplies may have low price tags, but we pride ourselves on offering high-quality products that have been designed to keep your pet happy and healthy.