Pet Supplies

Some say no home is complete without a furry friend - and we agree. They’re an extra family member, but one that can’t answer back and is always up for a cuddle. Return the love with food, toys and more.

Looking for nutritious meals for your cat to feast on? We offer dry and wet food from top brands including Whiskas, Felix and Perfect Fit. You can pamper your pussycat with our selection of treats too, including irresistible catnip flavoured nibbles.

Need balanced meals for your canine companion? Our selection of high-quality yet refreshingly cheap pet supplies includes wet and dry dog foods from leading names such as Pedigree, IAMS and Butchers. When your pooch deserves a reward, choose from our variety of treats, including the all-time doggy favourite - chewy bones.

Let your pet work off some energy with our array of toys too, and we also offer essentials such as cat litter, food and water bowls, and beds.

Perhaps your pet is on the smaller side. Whether your four-legged friend is a guinea pig, hamster or rabbit, or even a ferret or chinchilla, we’ve got all the fresh hay, food and accessories they need. We also offer fish tanks and plants, gravel and more to go in them.

Suet nuggets and fat balls might not get your digestive juices flowing, but wild birds can’t get enough of them. If you want to be kind to the feathered creatures in your garden, check out our selection of bird-friendly foods and feeders.