Fabric Conditioner

Fabric conditioner was sent to earth from a mystical power. How else can you explain how it makes your laundry smell so good and feel so soft? If Comfort, Fairy and Lenor get your nostrils twitching then come on in.
If you yearn for unmistakable freshness and that silky soft touch after each wash, you needn’t look any further than our impressive range of fabric conditioners. For fluffy towels, fuzzy socks and velvety-smooth bedding, we have all the products you need to achieve the perfect wash every time. Our range includes liquid softeners from a number of high quality household names. In fact, we stock some of the cheapest fabric conditioner products in the UK from many of the best brands, which means you’re truly getting bang for your buck when you shop with us. All of our fabric conditioners offer lasting freshness and undeniable softness after each wash. You can choose from products with extra concentrated formulas and anti-fading properties, as well as softeners that make ironing easier. Whether you prefer the sweet aromas of vanilla and honey or the fresh, floral tones of lavender magnolia, you can take your pick from softeners in a selection of gorgeous fragrances too.