How To Teach A Baby To Sleep

It’s happened. You’ve given birth to a little bundle of joy, a teeny tiny miracle! But then there was bedtime. Or, as you’ve started to call it, the end of all time. Keep reading for our top tips to help teach your baby to sleep through the night.

1. Buy a nice clock
You’re going to spend a lot of time looking at it. It may as well be one you like.

2. Routine
Try to bathe your baby before bed or rock them to near sleep. Encourage them to associate these activities/sensations with snoozing.

3. Block out the sounds
Invest in a white noise machine. CD, cassette tape, whatever you fancy! (Or, like everyone else in the 21st century, search white noise on YouTube). The sound will block out those tiny disturbances that wake your baby in the night.

4. Cotton wool shoes
Never creak a floorboard again.

5. Exceedingly frequent midnight snacks
…are the fast track to becoming a 24hr diner. Try to limit night time breastfeeding so your baby learns to sleep without it.

6. So long dummy
Until your baby knows how to put it back in, if the dummy falls out, your baby wakes up. Lose the dummy altogether and cut out this reason for waking.

7. Scheduled awakenings
No, not a séance. That won’t help. Time the intervals that you check on your baby. E.g. (here’s where the clock comes in) 12:45, 03:45, 06:45. Every night, change the time but keep the intervals i.e. 01:00, 04:00, 07:00. That way, the baby learns how long until you’re next there and learns to wake up naturally.

8. Avoid soothing baby for too long
Cruel to be kind.

9. Scheduled awakenings part II
No, still not a séance. Start to extend the intervals by 15 minutes each night. This teaches the baby to sleep for longer.

10. Learn to sing
If all else fails, invest in lessons. Perform ballads before bed, perfect those lullabies. Even if the baby’s not asleep, they’ll be entertained.

So, now we’ve (hopefully) helped you send your tot to the land of nod. You can sit back. Relax. And shop for those all important baby soothersbaby care products. Hey, how about from here at HiHouse?

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