10 Foods You Can Spiralize

Spiralizing food 10 things to spiralize. You’ve seen the pictures. You’ve heard the rumours. Regular chopped veg just isn’t enough anymore. Why have a courgette when you could have courgetti? What’s the point in cucumber water if the cucumber isn’t draped across the glass in ribbons? There’s no point at all. 2017 is the year of the spiralizer. We’ve trawled the net to find for you our ten favourite ideas for veg to spiralize. But first, here’s how to use a spiralizer.


Spiralizing food 10 things to spiralize

Place the veg into the spiralizer

Close the lid, stabilising the veg

Choose the setting – noodle or ribbon – using the chrome handle at the bottom

Turn the top handle

Hey presto.

1. Courgette

The original. Courgetti is the one that began the trend of vegetable noodles. What better way is there to cut out carbs than to make your vegetables look like carbs? None at all.

2. Cabbage

Hassle-free ‘slaw, neatly shredded cabbage in a salad, a simple spiral but a good’un nonetheless.

3. Cucumber

As the summer approaches, it’s time to jazz up the water jug or, far better, the G+Ts. Spiralize some cucumber into ribbons and drape it into the water.

4. Beetroot

If courgette spaghetti is courgetti, is a beetroot noodle a boodle? A beetoodle?! If you’re looking to impress with a salad, spiralize the beetroot into mess-free boodles. No purple juice in sight.

5. Onion

The days of weeping into a bowl of chopped onions are past. Whether it’s to make healthy baked onion rings or to avoid crying as you chop them, a spiralizer is the way.

6. Broccoli stems

Got kids who don’t like broccoli? Try this ploy. Fool them by spiralizing the broccoli stems into noodles (broccoodles?). Drizzle it in parmesan, lemon and garlic. They’ll never suspect your trickery…

7. Sweet potato

Last year was the age of the sweet potato fries. Now, it’s time for the sweet potato spiral. Make healthy (and, most importantly, fancy) baked fries.

8. Apple

Here’s a curve ball. A spiralized apple. Whether it’s in ribbons or noodles, it’s the garnish of champions. Chuck it in salads, on tarts, draped over deserts, glaze them, stick it in a ‘slaw. It’s an Instagram-ready endeavour.

9. Potato

Homemade curly fries? Enough said.

10. Butternut or yellow squash

Whether or not you enjoy a squash, no can argue with the aesthetics. Vibrant yellow noodles that are good for you too? Heck yes. And, with a bit of pancetta and a poached egg (courtesy of the culinary geniuses at Inspiralized)… bejesus. What a combination.

So, there you have it. All you could ever need to know about our Tower Spiralizer. All that’s left is to try one for yourself.

And, what was that? It’s only £14.99?!

What an absolute bargain.

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