How to be silky smooth

Whether your hair is dark, light, thick, fine, luxurious or outrageous, if you’re getting rid of it, you need to make sure you’re using a method that works for you. So, we thought we’d compare for you. Keep reading for the pros and cons of shaving, waxing and hair removal cream.




1. Painless
This is a top advantage of shaving. No pain, the same silky smooth results.

2. Easy
Find yourself in a emergency hair situation? The razor is your friend. You can sort yourself out silky smooth as and when you need.

3. Cheap (especially if you buy the razor from HiHouse)
That’s right. No waiting until you’re paid to get groomed. You can get disposable razors for next to nothing (at HiHouse) and non-disposable razors (and, we’re talking Venus, Gillette… the bigs guns) from £5.99.


1. Itchy re-growth
True story. When the hair comes back, it returns with a vengeance. It’s thicker, faster and itchy too.

2. Danger danger
When you cut yourself shaving, it’s painful, it’s bloody and it takes a while to heal.

3. Short term results
Silky smooth, you will be. But, for longer than a few days, alas no.



1. Smooth like a seal
Waxing is the most effective method because it pulls hair from the root leaving you smooth like a seal.

2. Long lasting
Waxing lasts up to 4 weeks. That’s a miracle! Low hassle grooming.

3. Grows back thinner
Unlike shaving, the more you wax, the thinner and easier to wax your hair gets.


1. Things get hairy
As silky smooth as waxing leaves you, you have to let hair grow out before you can return. Generally fine if you’re organised. But, that’s a big if.

2. Ingrown hairs
Are an unfortunate consequence of waxing. It requires organised exfoliation to keep on top of.

3. Pain
The main drawback from waxing is, of course, the pain of having your hair ripped from the root. But, it dulls after a few treatments and you totally get used to it. #beautyispain

Hair Removal Cream


1. Painless
Just like shaving, this method will get you waxed and ready with no pain at all.

2. Cheap
Especially if you buy from HiHouse, this method of hair removal won’t set you back more than a few pounds.

3. Easy to rinse
Unlike waxing, hair removal cream rinses straight off in the shower. No hassle peeling off remnants. It’s quick, easy and a great method of grooming.


1. Smelly
Despite the pros, the biggest con is probably the smell. There’s no such thing as a fragrant hair removal cream. They’re pungent.

2. Short term results
Although it lasts longer than shaving, it doesn’t last much longer. You’ll be silky smooth for about five days but not much more.

3. A faff
So, it’s easy and painless but it is a bit of a faff. Applying cream evenly can be a bit tricky and then sitting still, balancing without it dropping off is even trickier.

There you have it. The pros and cons of all three methods. So, made your decision yet? The moment you do, head over to HiHouse for all hair removal provisions.

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