Shave without red bumps

Decades have passed since your debut shave. Yet, still, you get cuts and bumps every time. Why?! Time to get some third-party guidance, my friend. For anyone using manual razor blades, keep reading for our top ten tips to shave your face silky smooth and radiant.

1. Soften the hairs
Before anything else, wash your face in warm water. This will soften up the hairs and get them shave ready.

2. Moisturise
Keep your face silky smooth always. The softer your skin, the less damage the razor scraping down it will do.

3. Pre-shave oil
Yes, more pre-shave prods. That’s the price of beautiful skin, amigo. Not an absolute essential, but it’s a great lubricant for extra sensitive skin.

4. Shaving cream
Lather it on. Don’t be shy. And let it sit for a minute before you get your shave on.

5. The blade
It’s sharp. Clean. New if possible. Just make sure it’s not blunt. It’s the fast track to irritation bumps.

6. Unless you’re a complete pro…
Don’t go against the grain. It’s the most common way to get cut up

7. Too fast and furious
Is not what you want to be doing. Shave in short, sharp strokes. (Come on now, if you’re going any faster, you haven’t made enough time to shave.) Pressing harder on your face causes razor burn.

8. And rinse
Do it every few strokes. A razor clogged with hair, dead skin and shaving cream (is completely hideous) quickly leads to cuts.

9. And again please
Yes, more rinsing, but this is post-shave. Rinse the shaving cream off with cold water. Freshen up your face ahead of (and ready for) all the attention your radiant skin will attract.

10. Aftershave
And not just to moisturise and protect your shaven skin. You can’t look radiant but smell funky. Imagine.

So now you’re prepped for you radiant shaven face, it’s time to get the tools you’ll need. Where from? Try the HiHouse mens shaving range perhaps…

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