Roll on deodorant: How to choose the one for you

With the changing of the seasons comes, theoretically, the changing of the climate. And, with the changing of the climate comes the sweats. It’s no joke. Whether it’s hot so you’re wearing less or cold so you’re layering up, the sweats are inevitable. To help you avoid this fate or, worse, the sweat patch, we’ve scoured the site for all of our roll-on deodorants to help you choose the finest to be your season-changing saviour.

For all you linen lovers out there, if you want your pits to smell as fresh and lovely as your crisp linen sheets, this is one for you. It boasts a 48-hour odour protection and it’s made using Sure’s Motionsense technology. Witchcraft, you wonder? Not quite. It just means that fragrance is emitted as you move thus, the sweats don’t have a chance..

Here’s one for the sensitive souls. If you have either super-sensitive or hypoallergenic skin, this Dove deo is a safe bet. Its formula contains 0% alcohol and comes pure and gentle being fragrance-free too.

3. Sure Roll-on Sensitive Deodorant

One for the gentle lovers. If you suffer from sensitive skin, stay protected with Sure’s gentler formula. The fragrance is sweet and lighter than the original but still boasts the same Motionsense technology and up to 48-hours of dry protection. If you’re more a sandalwood, patchouli (a herb from the mint family) and vanilla kind of chap, then this is the way for sure.

For the subtle armpit, the Sure Cotton Dry boasts again, 48-hr protection against odours with the same Motionsense technology making it ideal for an active lifestyle. The fragrance is floral and clean but not overpowering.

Fancy a bit of gentle love and affection? Then the original is the way to go. ¼ of its formula is enriched with moisturising cream to help care for your underarms after shaving. So, if you’re the queen of the razors, this is a great choice to keep those pits protected. And, the scent isn’t too strong either but it keeps you fresh for up to 48 hours.

If you want to be Sure (get it?) this 48-hour protection and reliably manly scent is the way to go. Like with the women’s deodorant, the Motionsense technology means that the more active you are, the more fragrance is released and thus, the longer you’re protected.

This is your perfect summer protection. What with general allergies and humidity, you don’t want to add chemicals to the mix of potential irritation. Like the original, it’s enriched with moisturising lotion to protect your pits from shaving damage but it also contains 0% alcohol making it extra-gentle. The green tea and cucumber fragrance is light and leaves you with a subtle freshness.

A cooler scent for a cooler kind of guy. The Cool Fresh is great for skin in need of moisture. Its formula is enriched with moisturiser to nourish your pits gently whilst keeping you odour-protected for up to 48-hours.

Exactly like it says on the tin, the Nivea is fresh smelling with a formula that offers up to 48-hour odour protection. It’s a safe, generic choice for all round skin types containing no alcohol too.

This is a great morning scent, even better for those more sensitive underarms. It’s moisturiser enriched but is made using a gentle, alcohol-free formula. A solid choice if you want a soft and invigorating-smelling pit for up to 48 hours. Who doesn’t?

Another one for the sensitive souls, but this is a slightly stronger fragrance. The pink Sanex will keep you fresh and dry with an invisible formula too to save your clothes from getting marked.

So, do you feel ready for the spring and summer sweats? Then, head over to HiHouse and check out our full range of deodorants for women and men.

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