How To Quit Smoking

You’ve tried. Promised yourself. Then fallen off the wagon before you’d even started. You just can’t bring yourself to quit smoking. But then you think again. It’s expensive. Extortionate. And your lungs are filling with tar. Sob. That’s not what you want. Keep reading for our top tips to help you ditch the habit.

1. Diarise
Set a date and time to quit. Make it an event. Unless it’s set in stone, you’re less likely to follow through.

2. Cold Turkey
Prepare yourself. The cravings will be more pronounced with this method, but then they subside faster within about two to three weeks.

3. Plan ahead
The struggle will be real. If you do quit cold turkey, the nicotine cravings will come on hard and fast. Plan what activity you’ll do instead of smoking when you get a craving e.g. baking.

4. Alternatives
To conquer the cravings, you can try nicotine patches or, even more dramatic, vaping. Dramatic, you ask? How so? You can stalk the streets enshrouded in strawberry flavoured vapour. That’s how.

5. Don’t envy smokers
Come on now. As they stand outside cursing their lighter that won’t ignite in the rain, they’re envying you, sitting inside in the warm, not addicted to nicotine.

6. Smoke-free zones
That’s right. It’s time to get traffic cop. Sign-post your house. Assign places you’re not allowed to smoke e.g. at work, inside the house. Soon you’ll run out of places to cordon off.

7. CBT or Acupuncture
The addiction to smoking is not just physical. Psychology is a large part of it too. Granted, this method doesn’t suit everyone, but enough people hail the effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and acupuncture as methods of quitting to give them a try.

8. Hot Drinks
Don’t laugh. Replacing cigarette breaks with hot drink breaks is surprisingly effective. You can’t down them (unless you’re a freak of nature) and can enjoy the process of making them. Start with herbals though. You don’t want to replace the nicotine addiction with a caffeine one.

9. Wait it out
Don’t fall at the first hurdle. The cravings will be difficult, but they will subside.

10. Keep your hands busy
There are any number of things you can hold instead of a cigarette. Tea, drinks, magic tricks. The possibilities of your post-smoking life are endless.

So now you’re equipped with the info, next you need to put some of these pearl of wisdom into action. How? Try some of our quit smoking or vaping products at HiHouse.

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