How To Feel Better When Ill

You’ve been laughed out of the GP, shunned from work for sneezing, your pals are busy (avoiding you and your germs) and you’re lost. Wandering around. Dying. (Ok, maybe not that bad.) It’s only a cold, but you’re struggling to feel better. Keep reading for our top ten tips to fast-track your recovery.

1. Stay hydrated
Get some water (a jug) and keep sipping. It’s the only detox you need.

2. Reality TV
Plant yourself on the sofa. Feel better by watching hours and hours of questionable entertainment.

3. Hot bevs
You can’t beat them! Avoid caffeine and opt instead for herbal teas. Peppermint, lemon and ginger, green, camomile… get a herbal collection.

4. Get clean
Steam yourself better in the shower or a salt steamed, candlelit bath.

5. Avoid the internet
It will tell you you’re on death’s door.

6. Don’t get sicker
As much as you may be tempted to go into work, university, school or generally out into the world for sympathy, don’t. The world won’t give you sympathy. It will probably make you more ill.

7. Exercise
Is a no. And, for all you gym buffs out there, the answer is no. Not going to the gym yesterday is not what made you ill. That makes no sense.

8. Golden milk
The miracle elixir. Heat up some coconut milk, a teaspoon of ginger, turmeric and a pinch of black pepper. Drink it up and feel fresh once more. (But not immediately – it’s not actual magic.)

9. Turn up the dramatics
Flail around, cough, sigh, boost the croakiness of your sore throat, convince everyone that you’re exceedingly unwell. A good way to feel better? Get waited on hand and foot.

10. Sleep
If you’re too gloomy to be awake, just abandon ship and go back to bed.

Now you have the tools to conquer the grogginess, you need the provisions. Check out our healthcare range for tabs, pain relief and vitamins.

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