How to rock at camping

The sunshine’s out. So, time to do what any reasonable Brit does in the summertime? Abandon civilisation and take to life out in the wild. That’s right. Camping.

Just like we did on Valentine’s Day, we’re going to give you two scenarios. One camping with HiHouse, one camping without.

Scenario 1

It’s happened. You’ve evaded this fate for years but you’ve finally been persuaded (coerced). Camping. In the weeks running up to it, you try to find ways out of it. Excuses, fake ailments, alternative commitments. Nothing works. You realise your fate.

You’ve left preparation so late that you have no time to bargain hunt. You buy the only tent available in the local camping shop. A six-man extortionately-priced one. At least, you think, with all that space, you might be able to have some indoor picnics. You buy some paper plates, bowls and plastic cutlery. Feasts and drinking will get you through it, surely.

You arrive at the site. It’s raining. You sit outside in your rain poncho in the mud (you couldn’t afford a chair), sipping warm beer from a falling apart paper cup. They’re not rain durable. Hmm, you think as you shiver and decide to put the tent up. After half an hour, it seems the ground is too soggy for the pegs and the structure too complex for your dwindling mood. Maybe some food will improve this?

You get the tiny stove out and try to light it. It’s not looking good. The sky darkens, the rain gets heavier and then, disaster strikes. Lightning. You and your friends scarper inside your tents – you go into your friend’s one man tent as yours is collapsed. You light a candle, hoping for warmth. It goes out. The tent is leaking. No!

You get your thin sleeping bag and realise that it’s drenched too. You can’t see, you can’t sleep, there’s nothing to do. This proves it. Camping is no picnic. You and your friends abandon ship and book a room in the nearest B&B.

Scenario 2

It’s happened. You’ve evaded this fate for years but you’ve finally been persuaded. Camping. You decide that preparation is key so try to get organised early. You log onto and order your supplies. A four-man tent for £19.99?! What an absolute bargain, you cry. You order before 2pm on Friday and get your bulky items delivered the next day. Perfect. This gives you the weekend to try everything out in case you need to send anything back.

The day arrives and you set out. When you arrive, it’s blazing sunshine so you get your tent out. In the end, you went with the £15.99 tribal print pop up tent. Four-man was a little excessive. You throw it into the open space and boom. It’s up. You set up your Foldable chair (with cup holder) while your friends set up their tents and crack open a beer. You brought a cool bag and ice pack so it’s all nicely chilled.

After everyone’s set up, you get some food together in the plastic plates, bowls and cutlery you bought. The prices were so low, you were able to splash out on the food selection your brought with you. A feast no less!

Then, disaster strikes. You glance up at the sky and it’s clouding over. The rain begins. You put up your £1.49 umbrella, clear your things away and run into your tents. You wonder what to do. Fear not. Not only is the tent waterproof, your sleeping bag has been rolled up in a bag so is still bone dry. You get out your wine and dine photo booth props and start taking selfies. The drinks left in the cool bag are still chilled so you take photos, plays games and have drinks until the shower passes.

So, to recap…

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